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Ultimate naturalism​


Penlirim has obtained Halal official mutual certification in 25 countries, which is the strictest additive-free purity standard in the world.

It has a pure high concentration and does not use any impurities such as preservatives and surfactants.



I want to tell the whole all the people in the world how attractive Japan is.

We want to spread the goodness of Japan to the world. This is our original idea and our theme. The Japanese people's seriousness and cleanliness are the pride of Japan. We did not make natural  cosmetics to get Halal certification. We continued to research cosmetics that we wanted to use. As a result, we have obtained strict Halal certification.

We would be happy if you could take an interest in the “ultimate natural cosmetic products that we pursue” that we pursued. 




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Penlirim is a high moisture-retainig halal cosmetics company. We have expanded our share in Asia and the UAE since 2014. We started scientific research on cosmetics tailored to dry.


Let me introduce Miss A, who was not confident with her acne face.  She started using PENLIRIM RICH PACK JC, and after 3 months, she’s got a boy friend. 

We will continue our uncompromising research and development, seriously thinking that polishing ourselves will change our minds and lives.

CEO  Shiho.T


Kudan Minami 2-1-17,

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

1020074 Japan

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