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Kosher certification

Certification for "clean foods and products"

The Jewish "scripture" stipulates in detail [products that can be used and
products that should not be used] [foods that can be eaten and foods that must not be eaten], rather than "organic certification". Remarkably strict safety and security standards are set for raw materials and processes.

For example, the food for raw materials must be changed from the environment and soil, and there are categories of fish that are permitted in aquaculture and those that are not, and no genetic modification is permitted, including the food for the fish.

Devout Jews have lived in strict discipline since 5000 years ago.

The population of Jews is about 14 million worldwide, which is far smaller than that of Muslims, but in the market centered on Europe and the United States, which has more than 1 billion people, it is subject to strict examination by Jewish rabbis (priests). The passed "Kosher certification" mark has become a quality endorsement regardless of religion, and in the United States, products that have received Kosher certification are the safest and most reliable than products that claim to be "organic". ..


Halal certification

In accordance with strict "rules", we do not use any animal raw materials such as alcohol and pigs, let alone impurities.

It is essential to establish a new factory for manufacturing raw materials and
cosmetics, and we have finally obtained a world-class on-site audit several times to see if we have an environment in which strict safety and security
management is possible from manufacturing and storage at that factory. It is an official mutual certification that can be done.

Penlirim's products have obtained "mutual certification" with halal certification bodies in 25 countries such as Indonesia (MUI) and Malaysia (JAKIM).

For details, please refer to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry HP.

Kosher certification and halal certification are the strictest certifications in the world, and are also proof of good quality of no additives, pure, cleanliness, safety, high quality and high nutrition.

【 Halal Cosmetics 】

Ultimate naturalism

Marginal high concentration


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